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“Remove Lamps, Pictures of Gods From Police Station and Jail Compound”; Govt Issues Instructions

Thiruvananthapuram: Kerala Government has issued some strict instructions for the Kerala Police to not place any lamps in the station and remove any picture of God. It has been sent as message since issuing a formal order would invite the wrath of a lot of believers. It is known that the Government has issued such an instruction in connection with the Sabarimala issue. It is part of a move to deliberately bring down the number of believers in the force and the instructions were sent to different police stations by the district police head.

In most police stations, lamps are lighted at evening. In some stations, even idols are placed. Police officers are now wondering what to do with the new instructions. The government is planning to spread this move to even police camps.

In many police camps and Jail compounds, there are places of worship. All of this will be removed. The report came in Janmabhumi daily.


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