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This state is considering to raise the legal smoking age to 100

A state in the US in considering a bill to raise the legal age for smoking. Hawaii state assembly is considering a bill to raise the legal smoking age to 100.

Democratic representative Richard Creagan has introduced a bill in the assembly that asks that cigarettes must not be sold to persons aged below 100. If the bill is passed and becomes a law then the state will have almost a complete ban on smoking.

Hawaii has more rigorous laws in smoking and sales of tobacco products when compared to other US states. But Creagan who is a medical doctor is of opinion that more severe laws must be enforced. In all other states, the legal age of smoking is 18 or 19. But in Hawaii, the age is 21.

The bill recommends to raise the age to 30 by next year, in 2021 to 40, 2022 to 50, 2023 to 60 and in 2024 to 100.

Creagan says that there are no legal loopholes in the bill. The government is committed to protecting the health of the common public.

Around 5 lakh people die in the US due to smoking and diseases related to tobacco usage.


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