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Bollywood actress Sonam Kapoor faces social media assault after she posted that ‘Hindu and Islamic fundamentalists have lot in common’

Bollywood actress Sonam Kapoor has been trolled and verbally abused in social media for alleging anti- Hindu comments in her social media post. Sonam Kapoor daughter of veteran actor Anil Kapoor has earlier a made a Instagram post. In the post she has criticized religious fundamentalists. But this post has ignited the wrath of right-wing activists.

In the post she had wrote that “The average Indian has more in common with the average Pakistani than he does with a Hindu fundamentalist who wants to bomb in the name of Ram and lynch minorities and rally in support of child rapists.

The average Pakistani has more in common with an average Indian than he does with an Islamic fundamentalist who wants to bomb others in the name of Allah and oppress women and put guns in the hands of children.

Ordinary citizens everywhere just want to have a normal life and go to work and raise their children well and save up for a decent home.

Hindu and Islamic fundamentalists both have loads in common. Their minds are poisoned by hate and they both lack empathy for the other side. They both want war and do not care for its consequences. The cost of this extraordinary hatred of fundamentalists in both countries is eventually going to be paid by the ordinary citizens of both countries and the soldiers who are always first in line of a fire they did not ignite”.

But this post originally posted in Facebook by a group named ‘Humans of Hidutva’.  She has republished this post  but not given credits of the post. After this post has been published Sonam is been verbally abused by the right-wing activists. Later she was been trolled by plagiarism as she has not given credit for her post which she copied from Humans of Hidutva.[0]=68.ARDXtNP00ICfWQcewFYz3YTEYLEYvWz3WQFEJlnU2UotDSQX5hlahj-CHBkAaN0eFiT0kg2aYisvuC_ikKVI2v3dmvZOeoXiy5ciO7Hvm_2w9U10hP3NvI_R8dSeEA2KkpEYZVQEwOQNUUTTzw-65PGBQOpmKZDXhQ91BrQxVtNQdj2wJCe991HKrS__t_iV_9dGmJOhsHQleMGWDVTWPAN6XxFdWQWPcDj4VLdUy2sMX3qi9BQlCWs36lj8r1Cx6EJxWgVyz0toGMB9JAv2ECob9N6uaxWMWvMK68wWXfEDqxTQZHMGFBVH6W5rcwXv5HurI51kJbn_cl-pP6E&__tn__=-R

Later the Humans of Hindutva team has posted that they have forgiven Sonam. But Soanm has been harshly attacked for this post.[0]=68.ARDzBEKYTFZIhZWTis3Xqqk6ZjfGuBt6MMOEQdhhX0AyNvYr59C9WshdeQGM2PfM9bYXPQs3F9xsKOzSolT-ORbgg3lu6LUQsVJWGrOkGznkD-W87wfQqOnlVHi4h67OrCf63SRdxSiuVrWjuORcIFHwuCZmHywQO2DGwPHd9vfn5NVXYN2f0KOpNXa0RGNsV4qIiXTDYveCBl7SeflOlE3uEe6bc3SEDcqDXH2IqjOSyQBJtCGTAYDP78mQPrSiXCvq1UFp6u7FTtUuvJlp8k91lPRUy2lXEk1V9ngEJkHPYMTOLVtMZxIQq5PJtlqnFudb2A7fZ1xigNXRSthjGQc&__tn__=-R


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