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Indian Meteorological Department predicts ‘Heat wave’ in Kerala

The Indian Meteorological Department has predicted that there is a possibility of  a heat wave in Kerala. The department in its daily prediction it has said that for the next two days heat wave conditions can occur at isolated places likely over Kerala, Tamilnadu and Rayalaseema.

The department warned that heat wave can occur at the northern distrcits of Kerala that is from Thrissur to Kannur. The situation can be most wors at Kozhikodu district. The temperature can rise up to 6 degree.

Heat Wave

A Heat Wave is a period of abnormally high temperatures, more than the normal maximum temperature that occurs during the summer season. Heat Waves typically occur between March and June, and in some rare cases even extend till July. The extreme temperatures and resultant atmospheric conditions adversely affect people living in these regions as they cause physiological stress, sometimes resulting in death.[0]=68.ARBOu-DRGvm-bvOkCM5bfMof9W6Y_dYUXhKl3M-PJSgilnrgHj6HzTtaUbePNytPSbMsyEwr4iSydsGW1-QBMtIVE0sStei_Ye_GkNqfZ8kewNGTlinRuC-8gps3Qn48q-FwuB7qPeC6sugO2f2B80HU_5V55NX8KQ86h0yd8pkXBxu3T2QwuUMDCZeWxiP5MxrNez9n8ZNEOopzCOEkS4F41Ai8NOqR10AOHpnMAE1PTqtQw-92p6EmBnjMB9HeOydFrKs_bo2FRha1x4fRhdQUypHr4xtcyZS9REP0CoWxYrDM0lEwC4g8LHhvlyvSadm1HRIV2YQv9GciePfy8uRFnw&__tn__=-R[0]=68.ARAhJ34h6hPa-nHvRKq_jYHYpKHcTORZXR_wHMnf8wJY6YZ_SgBs6nxaAza97w_OWGSrk-IXo1O13ZC4BGvfpHju0MjoKiDzXYp8nB0onFQvrQROV8eBUKNvz33F4KzSzzmZbY7s4STElgXGF8E7eL9JXqJxZD4yjd84UHhnerZmJfBigaPgRe_sIXLl92U7MsNo-WAxxg5u_WY1JWLg1Uj16usrh8VhzojIDO-rlC24oI8HPXMoTSkei1aooLAZXoV6luoeR-KhhRt-QkY8flaJeMCU0Rd2RyaajdnzDDz2eB0tzC83YrOx4_h57svyoKKSmORIgB1ajWNAi48gSA&__tn__=-R


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