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Google Working on Foldable Phone, But Its Unlike Anything We have Seen So Far

Google may be looking to toss its hat in the foldable ring, according to a patent application discovered by Patently Mobile on Tuesday. While a patent application doesn’t mean anything is set in stone, it does mean Google is at least thinking about a foldable device.

The aforesaid patent gives us a brief glimpse of a smartphone that seems to bear a striking resemblance to the 2019 version of the Motorola RAZR. Aside from that, the phone seems quite familiar to the Galaxy Fold from Samsung.

The first design shows a phone that would fold down on itself when not in use, a ‘clamshell’ design, with the screen is on the inside when the device is closed. This is a form factor a few other companies are looking at, including Samsung, for a Fold-successor.

The patent goes on to imagine a possible folding device that could bend in two different places — a “Z-fold display” — without breaking, thanks to what sounds like a smaller number of layers required when building the screen of the device.

However, Google doesn’t produce displays on its own. Instead, it relies on outsourcing. So for such a foldable phone to become a reality, Google might probably license it out to a third-party rather than producing it on its own.



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