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“Isn’t there Anyone Else Who Can Translate”? Rahul Gandhi Upset With P.J Kurien’s Translation

Pathanamthitta: Translating the speeches of political leaders can be a tough business and even if you are an expert in both languages, you will be fighting a number of other issues including the crowd’s cheers, echo and what not.

Congress senior leader PJ Kurien may not have any language problem but still found it extremely difficult to translate Congress President Rahul Gandhi’s speech at Pathanamthitta. Kurien blamed echo for his inability, but it did not impress Rahul as at one point he reportedly asked if there is someone else who could translate for him. All these messes happened in Pathanamthitta which is a keenly watched const in the backdrop of Sabarimala related protest and issues.

Every time Rahul touched on important issues like the Rafale deal, Kurien couldn’t follow. The organisers changed Kurien’s position but to little avail. Rahul completely lost his patience when Kurien made a huge blunder with the amount of Nyay scheme. Kurien said every month Congress will put Rs 72000 Crores into 5 crore bank accounts!

At the end of the speech, Rahul said he will start learning Malayalam.

P.J Kurien, earlier had taken a stand against Anto Antony who is the UDF candidate at Pathanamthitta. It was only recently that Kurien submitted to the larger will of the party, but some of the supporters of Anto Antony has used this chance to troll Kurien.


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