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T.G Mohandas Wonders Why these Points in Congress’ Manifesto are Not Discussed

Congress’ Election Manifesto was released a few weeks before and it mentions a number of things like Congress’ ambitious Nyay, more jobs, electoral reforms, enacting of Direct Taxes code and much more. While some of the schemes like Nyay has been grabbing a lot of eyeballs, BJP intellectual cell head T. G Mohandas points out a few other promises in the manifesto and wonders why it is not being discussed. Taking to Twitter, he enumerated the three points.

“Congress’ Manifesto says:

1. Sedition in India- 124A IPC will be scrapped
2. Defamation-499 IPC will be removed
3. AFSPA that gives special powers to armed forces will be weakened.

These three can be seen in page 35.’

Why is it noe being discussed?”

Check out his original Tweet:


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