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This Woman saves her 18 month old child from leopard by hitting it with her hand


A Woman, Deepali has saved her 18-month-old son from the jaws of a fearful Leopard with her bare hand hitting against it.

The mother who found the animal’s mouth around the head of the boy sleeping next to her took her hands against the leopard and attacked it thus saved her child.

Though the leopard left the scene, it attacked the mother. The animal fled the spot as she raised the alarm and informed the whole family

The family of the woman is engaged in cutting sugar cane. Like other labourers, they were sleeping out of their house. Deepali, aged around 20, woke up on hearing the leopard’s growl. But by that time the animal had caught hold of his son’s head.

Seeing this Deepali hit the leopard with her hand. Though the animal released her child, but it caught her hand.

This was the second instance of a leopard attacking a child in Junnar taluka this year.

Forest officials reached the spot after being alerted by the family at 2 am. They took the injured mother and child to the nearest government hospital in Otur.


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