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See the pictures of World’s ‘Hottest Grandma’; You won’t believe her age

A woman who calls herself the ‘hottest gran in the world’ has shocked her followers by announcing that she has just celebrated her 40th birthday.

Alice Vasquez, from California, is often thought to be her daughter’s sister when the pair hang out together, so it comes as even more of a shock when people learn she’s not only a mother but a grandmother as well.

The yoga teacher gave birth to her first child when she was 16 years old, and three years later she welcomed another little newborn into the world. Similarly to their mum, Alice’s two kids became parents in their twenties, making the American woman a grandmother in her thirties.

Alice explained how some people find it difficult to wrap their heads around the situation, but she and her children are happy with the way their family turned out. Although many men give her attention, the grandmother is happy in a relationship with a man she previously dated in her twenties, and the couple now lives together in Las Vegas.

While she’s away partying, her son is looking after her three granddaughters, which frees up the weekend for her daughter Kayla to join her for the knees-up. Her daughter also fell pregnant at 16 years of age.

Over the years, Alice has kept herself looking youthful by spending $60,000 (£45,000) on surgery to maintain her looks.

Earlier this week, Alice shared an Instagram post celebrating her 40th birthday and was met with lots of good wishes and compliments on her young looks.

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