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Godman promises to rain money from the sky; Swindles 6.5 lakhs

A self-proclaimed godman has fooled his devotees and swindled around 6.5 lakhs by promising them to rain money from the sky.

The godman claimed that around 15 lakhs will be spent on the offerings and rituals, and asked his devotees to pay money. The incident occurred in Aurangabad in Maharashtra.

A man named Dodu Satyanarayan, a mechanic at a vehicle shop in Hyderabad and his friend has been made idiot by the godman. Both of them were natives of Naregaon.

The self-proclaimed godman approached Satyanarayanan and promised him of rain of cash for them. Attracted by the idea of getting easy money Satyanarayana, who was was going through a dry financial spell, approached his friend, Syed Jahangir. Both of them paid 6.5 lakhs to the accused.

After giving money to the godmen they followed him for collecting the articles required for the ritual and eventually reached Latur. They were stopped by police and detained them along with the godman. After finding that they were fooled they filed a complaint against the godman in the police.

The police investigation revealed that the accused godman had been booked in a similar case. The man was booked under relevant sections of the Indian Penal Code (IPC).



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