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Advocate Jayasankar trolls LDF for election defeat

A Facebook post by political observer Advocate A Jayasankar has become viral in social media. Jayasankar, known for his sarcastic comments has used an old Malayalam song for trolling the ruling LDF for the biggest election defeat that they have faced in the general elections.

He wrote on his Facebook page that A.Sampath failed in Attingal, P.K.biju in Alathoor, M.B.Rajesh in Palakkad, but A.M.Arif won from Alappuzha. Arif is a social activist with honesty, he wrote.

Read His Facebook Post:

കാളിദാസൻ മരിച്ചു, കണ്വ മാമുനി മരിച്ചു, അനസൂയ മരിച്ചു, പ്രിയംവദ മരിച്ചു, ശകുന്തള മാത്രം മരിച്ചില്ല.. എന്ന പാട്ട് പോലെയായി…

Julkaissut Advocate A Jayasankar Torstaina 23. toukokuuta 2019


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