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JNU Protestor-Turned-Politician Shehla Rashid Wants to Invoke U.N to Resolve EVM Fraud

JNU freelance protestor-turned-full-time politician Shehla Rashid who formed a political party with a former IAS officer Shah Faesal, has taken the EVM fraud row to next level. She has suggested invoking the United Nations and other International bodies to deal with the issue of EVM machines being manipulated.

“Whether these leaders are in govt at the center or not, they represent us. They represent a huge part of the democratic mandate. It’s sad to see that our national leaders aren’t taking themselves as seriously as they should. Why don’t we invoke UN and other int’l bodies?” wrote Shehla on Twitter.

Shehla said that if we think EVM’s are manipulated, we should boycott elections till the EVMs are abolished.

“If we are alleging EVM fraud, we should boycott the elections till EVMs are abolished. If we are agitated about the movements of EVMs around the strongroom, we should demand repolling,” she tweeted.

“I see only BJP demanding fresh polls in Bengal where they allege booth capturing, etc. Why hasn’t the opposition demanded fresh polls where alleged rigging has occurred? There’s a difference between MCC violation, EVM fraud, and rigging. Each calls for different measures” she said in yet another tweet.

“EVM rigging can’t be a part of the election rhetorics. This is not just an elections issue, it is an existential issue that is threatening the health of our democracy. If we believe our own words, all the opposition leaders should unite and fight this out,” Shehla tweeted.


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