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What to do if man loses his erection during foreplay?: Video

If your man loses erection in between sex, it can probably have a connection with performance anxiety or stress. Here’s what you should do when he loses his erection during foreplay:

Don’t stop: Do not stop the foreplay. Keep caressing and playing with his penis right. Indulge in smooching, licking and oral sex when you feel that he might lose his erection. Suddenly stopping when he is not getting hard will make him more conscious about his performance.

Talk dirty: If you feel that he has suddenly lost his erection, look into his eyes and talk dirty, slightly challenge him to pin you down and make you feel right. Encouraging him to do it for you may make him hard on again. However, don’t go overboard if you see him visibly angry or disappointed.


Talk to him about it later: Have a conversation with him about it later on and tell him that it is perfectly all right to feel a certain way and not be able to hold on an erection. Give him the support he needs.

Check for the environment you are having sex in: Try to think of something that could be turning him down, it could be the joint family environment or any other physical distress. Take him out for a trip or something where you two have time for yourself.

If you feel that nothing is working, opt for sex counselling from a sexologist. There could possibly be an underlying problem that may be causing him to lose his erection. Excessive smoking could also have a role to play in this case so beware.


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