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Virus is about to release as Nipah Reboundes

Virus directed by Ashique Abu is a much awaited movie from the day of its announcement. The movie is inspired from the Nipah Virus attack in Kerala in 2018. Fear, Fight and Survival the tagline of the movie justifies the real incidents. This is the story of a land which resisted the unknown sickness with mere determination.

The movie will be a fitting tribute to the deceased nurse Lini Puthussery. But the new updates from the health department are not positive. There is news about the detection of suspected Nipah virus in Ernakulam district. The first official song of Virus movie was dedicated to the people who fought the situation bravely. Let love spread like virus is the message put forward by the crew. Hours after the song released the reports of virus detection was out. As it created panic among the people the movie has great relevance. Fate is mysterious.

The movie has a large star cast and the trailor and song were instant hits on online platform. Fingers cross as we come across the reel and reality at the same time.


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