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Modi’s Govt will continue with the policy of zero tolerance against terror,says Amit Shah

Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s government will continue with the policy of zero tolerance against terror, which brought the BJP back in power with a thumping majority in the recently held national election. New home minister Amit Shah today gave clear directions to security forces to not let any criticism affect them and continue with zero tolerance policy.

The home ministry says the policy is yielding results. In the first five months of this year, as many as 101 terrorists have been eliminated by security forces in Jammu and Kashmir. This means on an average, 20 terrorists are being eliminated every month.

Ministry officials, however say what is worrying is that despite these successes, home grown terrorism is yet to come under control. “As many as 50 youngsters have joined various terror tanzeems and it is a cause of worry,” a senior level official told NDTV on condition of anonymity.

According to him, over the next five years, more focus would be given to de-radicalisation.

“We need to look at this issue not from security aspect but as a social issue. New ideas are being thought of how to deal with youngsters so they do not get swayed with radical Ideas,” he added.


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