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‘We shall overcome’ says the Nipah Survivor

Ajanya made a spectacular come back from the deadly Nipah virus. As the public is in a panic situation following the second outbreak of Nipah, Ajanya shared a video on Facebook.

She says that we shall overcome the new threat with courage and alert. She says that she herself is a living example of that. She asks the people to be vigilant and to consult the doctor immediately if any symptoms are found.

She says that the State health department coordinates the security measures systematically and the public only needs to follow their instruction.

The video will be a moral boost to the public. Ajanya is a nursing student at Kozhikode Beach Hospital.[0]=68.ARALweMmb-yQX063Z0NErkda0v9WH7ZY9772lOHhpKzwGxAkYaQg3clkcQhYixtY2EKbmmcJiVAjwNKMeIifsmHyijWYEmT_cURB5fQ1BdqdQles5HgpTltD6MisezO6y5jJ-pxPfv66n7GFirY3QTwlfcgejEawbb2DBJ-0TZwLE3xzer_32deDrTeF5M78rjIBVR5gYyu4wNqJCu3NCUtsGk_BWGthMfA4BwLCxtHUgRyzW0Efl2EycXxEvM760Cft3koh3O1kNySOihqZfOTFpwGUqP_DIKNYh6bWSfw1hToCTZyRFZ52Ao0Jp8P5kB-CI2n3Q69SivgCYabkVWs5WGLkZCWEDME&__tn__=-R


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