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‘Brandy’ rallied up and ‘Rum’ slips down in Kerala market: The sale of foreign liquor in Kerala

Rum the favorite drink of tipplers in Kerala has lost its edge to brandy in the market. The drunkards of Kerala has quit their favorite liquor Rum and has gone beyond Brandy.

The latest data reveals that the sale of brandy, wine, and whiskey in the state has increased. For the last five years, the Malayalees opt premium brandy brands.

Ten years ago rum has dominated the market. Rum was the top-selling liquor in Kerala and has a lead over 10% than brandy. But now brandy has the major market share. 51% of liquor sale in Kerala is brandy.

Brandy 51%, Rum 43%, Vodka 4%, Whiskey 2% this is the market share in Kerala. In the last four years, the sale of whiskey has grown by 29% and wine by 53%.

The revenue from liquor sale for the government has been increased. Before 35 years it was just 55.46 crore and in the last year 14,508 crore. Four years ago it was 8277 crore.

The drunkards in Kerala has also given a warm welcome to the foreign made foreign liquor. The government has started the sale of foreign-made foreign liquor from August 2018.

As per the statics from 2018 August to March 2019 around 25.66 crore rupees of Foreign made foreign liquor has been sold in Kerala. This year around 5.65 crore rupees of foreign-made foreign liquor has been sold in the state.


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