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Heavy rains force more than a million residents to evacuate

The Japanese government has ordered to evacuate around a million people from the island of Kyushu due to heavy rain. The Japanese authorities have asked the people of Kagoshima city, Kirishima and Aira of Kagoshima and Miyazaki prefectures to vacate their homes and to switch to some safer place.

The Prime Minister of Japan has asked Shinzo Abe has urged the residents to take steps to protect their lives.

The entire population of Kagoshima city, Kirishima and Aira were ordered to live the place. Another 930,000 people in the south of the island were also advised by the authority to move. In the neighboring Miyazaki, about 310,000 residents have been advised to move.

Since the last Friday, the heavy rainfall in some parts of southern Kyushu has reached 1,000 mm and it is predicted that the heavy rain will continue into next week.


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