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Left faces setback in Greece;Conservative party gains victory

The ruling left parties faced a huge setback in the general elections held in the European country, Greece. As the counting has is nearing completion the Center-right party has gained a clear majority in the parliament.

The conservative Center-right party ‘New Democracy’ has bagged 39.8% votes and the ruling Syriza has got only 31.5% votes.

The New Democracy party will have a majority in the parliament with a total of 158 seats. The Greek parliament has a total of 300 seats. The Communist party has gained only 5.4% votes and Centr-Left movement has grabbed 7.9% votes.

The ruling Prime minister Alexis Tsiras of Syriza party has accepted the defeat. The leader of the New Democracy party Kyriakos Mitsotakis will become the new Prime Minister.


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