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ICC World Cup 2019: This is What Sachin Tendulkar Thinks Should Have Been Done in the Finals to Decide the Winner

ICC World Cup Final between England and Newzealand was one mighty close match. There was nothing that separated the two teams at the end of 50 overs or even after the super over and it was eventually England who were declared champions since they had hit more boundaries.

Although the rule(deciding the winner of the basis of higher boundary count) had been the same even before the match, nobody bothered to voice their opinion against it, since hardly anybody expected the match to be this close.

But post the match, experts, fans and former players feel it was a bit unfair to have decided the winners in this fashion. Legend Sachin Tendulkar thinks the winners must have been decided by yet another super over!

“I feel there should be another super over to decide the winner, instead of considering the number of boundaries scored by both teams. Not just in a World Cup final. Every game is important. Like in football, when teams go into extra time, nothing else matters,” Tendulkar told 100mb.

Other cricketers like Rohit Sarma, Gautam Gambhir, Yuvraj Singh, etc had also voiced their opinion against the ICC rule on superior boundary count.


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