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“Police of the Left-Front? What Kind of Police is that” News Anchor Corners Left Sympathiser

The recent revelations about the atrocities of SFI following the incident of a student being stabbed at the University College Thiruvananthapuram have shocked the Kerala public. Media have taken up the issue and almost all news channels have discussed this topic in the last few days.

Mathrubhumi News Primetime took the same issue and the discussion was noted by the absence of any major left leaders. it was a left sympathizer, Advocate P.A Priji who represented the left, the discussion was led by anchor Smruthi Paruthikad.

During the course of the discussion, Priji tried to justify the government with the claim that strong actions have already been taken against all the accused.

Syndicate which rules Kerala University is dominated by people who believe in progressive ideas(Left supporters). But despite that, they announced an investigation on the issue. Who did the search at the home of the prime accused in this case? The Left front’s police. If SFI, CPI(M) or Left front had a vested interest in the issue, would they have conducted the search? asked Priji.

Smruthi was quick to pounce on this and she asked “Police exclusively for the left front? Does police belongs to the Left front or is it Kerala’s police” she asked.

Priji tried to correct his sentence as “police during the time of the government led by Left front“, but Smruthi did not let that go.

“You have revealed that Police act according to what the Left front says,” she said.


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