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Women Commission Member Shahida Kamal Slams these Practices. Check this Out 

One of the major points the left had raised during the issue of Sabarimala young women entry was that the segregation of women of the certain age group from the temple is all about the view that looks at menstruation as something impure.

The right-wing faction had tried to defend this, claiming that the customs at the temple has nothing to do with the cycles of women, but it is all about the eternal celibacy of the deity. Now, Women Commission member Dr. Shahida Kamal has visited a tribal colony and found that the custom of separating menstruating women is still persisting here.

Shahida Kamal said that the commission observed lives of women being chained here due to superstitions and wrong customs. She added that its a shame that even at a time when women have access to better living conditions, job and income, women are being isolated during their menstrual period.

Women are left alone in a room during their cycle. They can only enter their house after the menstrual cycle is over. Even during their pregnancy, women and her child will have to stay in this room for 21 days.  Even the husband cannot enter this room.

Shahida said that the mentality to look at women just as a body should end. Shahida said that she will make sure the Government takes notice of this issue.


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