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Atrocities of SFI: Even Independent Candidates Cannot Stand Against SFI. Check Out this Shocking Revelation

With each passing hour, more and more stories of SFI’s atrocities are being revealed and here is yet another one.

It is well known that University College does not permit other political student organisations to function there, but now, a former student, Aditya has revealed that the situation is not any better for even independent candidates.

“Some girls tried to stand against SFI candidates independently. They were not part of any political party but were humiliated for their stand. They couldn’t even convey what they wanted to say. The moment they tried to speak, they were greeted with booings” the student revealed to Asianet news.

SFI has promised to revamp their organisation in the college, but it remains to be seen to what extent they manage to keep their word.


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