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Govt Employees Can’t Make Pookkalam, but Can Miss Office if it’s Left’s Programme. Check this Out

The left government, when it came to power, had given the impression of stressing a lot on the punctuality and diligence of its employees. Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan, in a controversial remark, had asked the govt employees to not even waste time arranging Pookalam(a custom, part of Onam festival). “There is a life residing in each file” he had said back then, stressing on the importance of govt employees to be at the office during working hours.

But none of that discipline came into the way of Chief minister yesterday, as the left-leaning secretariate employees were allowed to bunk their office work to be a part of Kerala Secretariat Employees Union’s meeting held at AKG hall. The employees will not lose their salary for their absence in the office. It was the C.M himself who inaugurated the function.

The employees obliged well, as about 3000 of them took part in the meeting, at a time when they should have been at their office. The government had released an order where employees can take part in the function without losing their salary and it is principal secretary Biswanath Sinha who has signed in the order.

What is strange is that, in the same order, it is mentioned that the work should not be disturbed when they take part in the meeting! One cannot understand how it is possible to be a part of the meeting without interrupting their office work.

The government said that organizations of other political factions will be given the same liberty if they give a request.


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