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Deepa Nishant Explains ‘Caste’ in the Context of Recent Controversies about Remya Haridas

The war of words between Deepa Nishant and Remya Haridas had started long before the Loksabha elections. Deepa was not particularly impressed with the mode of the election campaign that Remya adopted and the tit-for-tat continued for quite some time.

When Remya secured a victory in the Loksabha elections, many Congress party members had sarcastically thanked Deepa for shifting the public opinion in Remya’s favour.

Remya Haridas had recently found herself in a fresh controversy as youth Congress activists set out on a mission to collect money to buy a car for her, and pictures of Donation receipt to this fund had gone viral on the internet. Owing to pressure, they eventually had to withdraw from this decision.

As the issue gained traction, it seems Deepa was tagged on Facebook, with news about the same incident, seeking a reaction from her. Deepa asked why she is being tagged for this issue. Check out her Facebook post.

A few hours later, Deepa came out with a Facebook post explaining her opinion on the issue.

“Caste is not about the intolerance you feel when you see a Dalit woman traveling in a car. It is the mindset that ‘Dalit’ and ‘poverty’ are something which can be advertised and spread with a receipt” she wrote on Facebook. Check out her Fb post.


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