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Out or Not Out? Even Sachin Tendulkar is Not Sure About this Dismissal as he asks Fans for a Solution

The recently introduced Zing bails have been a talking point during the IPL and ICC World cup as on many occasions, the bails refused to be dislodged even after the ball had made good contact with the stumps.

Commentators spoke a lot about this bizarre trend and now, the bails have become a talking point again during the Division Two club cricket match featuring the Sanderstead Cricket Club (SCC). But this is different, the bails did get removed from its default position but sat on the top of off stump. The incident had even the legend Sachin Tendulkar confused.

“A friend shared this video with me. Found it very unusual! What would your decision be if you were the umpire? ?” the master blaster asked after sharing the video. Check this out.

So what you think about it? Would you have given it out if you were the umpire? Let us know in the comments.


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