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New Book Reveals Shashi Tharoor Was Slapped by Sunanda Pushkar For this Reason

A book, titled The Extraordinary Life and Death of Sunanda Pushkar, authored by Sunanda Mehta offers some stunning insight into the life of Sunanda Pushkar, late wife of Congress M.P from Thiruvananthapuram-Shashi Tharoor. Among the different revelations in the book which travels from Pushkar’s life from her birth in 1964 to her mysterious death, a few stand out.

The author says that Sunanda Pushkar nursed serious ambitions to venture into politics and wanted to be introduced to Priyanka Gandhi.

The book says that Sunanda would just go to Tharoor’s office and say to his staff: ‘Do you think this joker will win the next election?’ or ‘I will get the BJP ticket from Kashmir and I will win’.”

In another incident the book narrates, Sunanda had got a bit too much drunk at a dinner and asked someone to introduce her to Priyanka Gandhi.

‘I know she and I will become the best of friends; I am going to enter politics and I am going to become a major political leader in this country. Shashi is not the politician; I really am the one who does all the work and who has helped him become the politician’, she declared to everyone around her,” the book states.

In yet another shocking revelation, the book says that Pushkar had found Shashi had saved Pakistani journalist Mehr Tarar’s name as Harish in his phone and also had exchanged a few messages. This left her angry and she had slapped Shashi on a plane.

“Already emotionally vulnerable and high-strung, this was the tipping point for Sunanda and she flew into a feral rage. An argument ensued and, as always, escalated into a major fight. A livid Sunanda slapped Tharoor in full view of the people in the aircraft,” the book states.

The book also states that Sunanda’s family does not suspect him of the death of Sunanda.


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