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Zomato’s Double Standards Exposed? Check Out this Tweet

Zomato, the food delivering app had grabbed a lot of attention and appreciation for defending its decision to not change the food delivery executive for a customer, who did not want a “non-Hindu.” to deliver the food.

“Food doesn’t have a religion. It is a religion,” Zomato wrote on Twitter while responding to the customer’s tweet.

But soon after this had gone viral, a few have started questioning Zomato’s ‘double standards’ pointing out incidents of halal meat tagging.

Twitter user Ankur Singh posted two tweets- one which is Zomato’s reply when a customer wants to cancel food because the delivery boy is non-Hindu in Shravan month and the other, according to him, is Zomato’s reply when a customer wants to cancel food because it’s non-Halal.

A user Wajid, had complained about being served non-halal (jhatka) meat instead of halal meat, which he can’t eat due to religious reasons. Zomato replied:

Hi Wajid, That’s not how we wanted your experience to be. Kindly share your order number so that we could look into this”.Check out this tweet.

Reacting to the attack over halal and non-halal food, Zomato put out a statement in a tweet that was captioned “Food for thought”.

“Yes, food does not have a religion. Humans make their choice of what to cook and what to eat – whether or not you are a religious person. We respect all religions, and we, therefore, provide all possible information to make sure that you get the food of your choice (e.g. we have tags for Jain Food, Vegan Food and Navratra Thalis as well),” the statement read.

The company said it tags food as halal “as a result of restaurants seeking that distinction – not us as an aggregator”.

“FSSAI (Food Safety and Standards Authority of India) license is mandatory. Halal certification is voluntary.”


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