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‘Liberals’ Mock Actor Madhavan For Celebrating Avani Avittam. Check this Out

It is quite an unfortunate trend emerging in the nation that the customs and rituals of Hindu’s are often mocked by the ‘liberals’. Actor Madhavan, a well-known face for Bollywood and Tamil Films is the latest victim to this trend. Madhavan had made an innocent and harmless tweet, of a picture where he and his son seen wearing the sacred thread that Brahmins wear, and son tying Rakhi on Madhavan’s hand in his sister’s absence, which was mocked by the liberals. This is his Tweet.

“Lol 2019 and people still think these threads (both Janeu and Rakhi) are worth celebrating,” wrote one Twitter user, not impressed with his tweet. Check out some other tweets.

In liberal circles, the Poonal or the sacred thread they wear is equated with a symbol of genocide and oppression. It is seldom considered as a part of the rituals and traditions of the people of a particular culture.


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