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If You Search Bhikari(Beggar) on Google, Imran Khan’s Picture Shows up!

In yet another jolt to Pakistan, the US has reduced the aid to the cash-strapped Pak by nearly $440 million. With this, America has brought down its commitment to 4.1 billion. All of this comes at a time when Pakistan Prime minister Imran Khan, despite a multitude of issues to solve, have been fixated on the Kashmir issue and is desperate to drag the international community into it.

Now, the Pakistan prime minister is getting insulted in the internet world as well. If you search ‘bhikari’ (Hindi word for beggar) on the search engine Google, then an image with Imran Khan’s holding a bowl comes up. This picture has been morphed, but several other pictures of Imran pops up too.

The result is probably an algorithm glitch, but we have had no word from Google yet. But it is interesting that the glitch is happening when the U.S has cut its financial aid, making Pakistan poorer.

It is reported that the US had apprised Khan about its decision to bring down the aid three weeks before his planned visit to Washington. The move from the U.S comes within a year after they had cut down the aid worth $300 million to Pakistan for their failure to tackle terrorism.


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