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Man kills mother for not giving him money to buy alcohol

A man in Chhattisgarh’s Raigad district murdered his mother simply because she refused to give him money to buy alcohol. Not only this, the man cracked his mother’s skull open and took her brains out and then tried to cook and eat them. Police state that the man was addicted to alcohol and did the crime in rage.

According to the police, the man has been identified as Sitaram Oraon and is a resident of Botalda village of the Kharsia district of Raigarh. He used to live with his mother and addicted to alcohol. With his addiction to alcohol going out of his hands, Sitaram used to ask his mother to give him money to buy alcohol. Tired of his son’s addiction, his mother Phulo Bai refused to lend him any more money.

Following this, Sitaram took a sharp weapon and struck his mother. When his rage didn’t stop, he cracks her skull open and debrains her. Then he put her brain in a pan to fry and was about to eat. However, his attempt went in vain as his younger brother’s wife reached the spot. Following this, Sitaram fled his home and ran.

The woman then informed her husband, who filed a complaint with the police. Sitaram was caught wearing blood-stained clothes, and upon interrogation, he admitted the crime.


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