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Plastic eating bacteria invented by students

Pollution is the biggest threat to humanity and to the planet Earth.And plastic is the most biggest threat to Earth. The biggest problem is the high pollution in the oceans. As per a recent research in the year 2050 there will be more plastic in the sea than fishes.

But now giving a big relief to the humanity, two students has invented a bacteria that will eat plastic and turn it into water.

The bacteria will transform plastic into carbon dioxide and water. The technology is used in two ways. one is to clean the beaches and also to produce raw materials for clothing.

Jeanny Yao and Miranda Wang has developed the bacteria. The young scientists at the age of 20 have been working on this from their school time. They have secured patents and has also obtained 400 thousand dollars to develop the project.

They are the youngest to won ‘Perlman Science Prize’. Apart from this they have won 5 prizes.


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