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T.P Senkumar Explains Why Learning Hindi is Important Using this Instance From Past Where Kerala C.M Was Clueless. Check this Out

Kerala C.M Pinarayi Vijayan, while explaining the flood situation in Kerala on August 11, 2019, had said that Central Minister Nityananda Rai had called him, but couldn’t understand what he said since he spoke in the Hindi language.

The Chief Minister had said that he couldn’t respond to the minister since he understood nothing and eventually it was the private secretaries of the two who spoke to each other.

Weeks later, with a section of people trying to malign Amit Shah’s pitch for ‘One India One Language’ as an imposition upon people, former DGP of Kerala, T.P Senkumar is remembering the plight of Kerala C.M where he was clueless about what Nityananda Rai said in Hindi.

“Minister had called me. Spoke in Hindi, but I couldn’t understand anything. These are words that echoed in Kerala. Think, Learn and behave.

Think who your kids should become. If you know more languages, it’s better. If you can learn Tamil, Sanskrit, and Urdu, its the best.

Those who only know abusive words in mother tongue need not learn anything,” he wrote on Facebook.(Original FB post below)


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