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Durga Puja Pandal uses ‘Chandrayaan-2’ as their theme

The whole nation is celebrating Navaratri festival. And pandals for Durga Puja has been installed across the country. Like all times, the theme based Durga Puja pandals have been installed many parts of the country.

Among this a pandal installed in Varansi has hitted the headlines as it was inspired from India’s ambitious Chandrayaan-2. The Pandal is installed in the holy city of Varanasi.

The pandal is around 100 feet in height was competed in two months. The organizers of Durga Puja has also made a model of ISRO chief K.Sivan and astronauts along with that of gods and goddesses.

“Even though the Chandrayaan-2 mission did not happen in the way it was planned, we want to celebrate the efforts made by the ISRO. We have made a model of ISRO chief K.Sivan ans he said they paln to do another mission to Moon”, said the organizers of the Durga Puja.


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