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North Korea warns to resume Nuclear and ballistic missile tests

North Korea yesterday condemned US moves to provoke some members of the UN Security Council to oppose its weapons tests and threatened to resume their stalled nuclear tests together with on-going long-range ballistic missile tests.

The critical warning came days after the N.Korea- US talks which met a deadlock which Pyongyang blames on the US because the latter didn’t have any new proposals. After the talks a disappointed N.Korean side had told the press that the talks will not resume unless Washington changes its mindset towards them.

North Korea also accused the US of being behind the European condemnation of its weapons tests after having “begged for working-level North Korea-US talks” in Sweden. On Tuesday, the UN council discussed the North’s latest underwater-launched missile test and its European members urged Pyongyang to abandon all weapons of mass destruction and engage in “meaningful negotiations” with the US. North Korea had always maintained that the nuke and ballistic tests it conducts is for its self-defense and internal matter.


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