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‘Why have you left him alone to clean’: Actor Prakash Raj reacts to Prime Minister’s video

A video shared by Prime Minister Narendra Modi has gained worldwide attention. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has shared a video on twitter in which has is seen plogging at Mamallapuram beach in Tamil Nadu.

In the video Narendra Modi is seen collecting the waste as he walked barefoot on the sand, and urged the people to ensure that public places are clean and tidy. many has come forward praising Prime Minister for the work he has done.

But now actor Prakash  Raj has come forward trolling Prime Minister for the video. ” Where is our LEADERs security.. Why have you left him alone to clean with a CAMERAMAN following .. HOW dare the concerned departments have not cleaned the vicinity when a Foreign delegation is here .. ..#justasking”, the actor tweeted.

Prakash Raj an ardent critic of BJP and Narendra Modi has contested in the last general election from Bengaluru Central constituency. But he was defeated in the election.



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