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Bill Gates regains the World’s richest man title from Bezos

Bill Gates even after quitting the reigns of Micro Soft took over Jeff Bezos as the richest man on Earth.Bill is currently the chair man of various charity organizations and the CEO of Cascade investment Technologies. He also has a low key job in Microsoft as a technical advisor to Satya Nadella, the current Microsoft CEO.

Jeff Bezos, CEO of Amazon lost to Bill Gates after the disappointing Q3 performance this year by Amazon.
The lagging performance of Amazon resulted in Bezos losing nearly $7 billion in stock value.Amazon shares fell 7 per cent in after-hours trading on Thursday, leaving Bezos down to $103.9 billion. Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates is currently worth $105.7 billion(Approx:749 crore rupees).

It is worth noting that Jeff Bezos took the title from Bill Gates after he relentlessly held the title for 24 Years holding the top postions in MS as Chairman,CEO and Chief Software architect.




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