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Track Maintenance: Trains partially cancelled

The Southern Railway informed that some trains transport may be disrupted due to annual track maintenance and safety works. Some passenger trains are cancelled and some long distance running trains may be late because of the maintenance work.

The Railway informed that some trains were partially cancelled up to November 24 due to track maintenance in Punkunnam and Mulankunnathukavu in Thrissur.

Tirunelveli- Palakkad palaruvi express (16791) was partially cancelled on November 24. The train will not run between Ernakulam and palakkad. The return train (16792) will depart from Ernakulam.

16306 Kannur -Ernakulam Intercity express will only run up to Shornur on November 21,22,23 and 24. Thrissur-Kannur passenger (56603) will run only upto Shornur on November 19,22,23,24,25.

Coimbatore- Mangalore Central Fast Passenger (56323) will be late by 30 minute. Nagercoil-Mangalore Ernad Express (16606) will be late by 1 hour on November 27 and 30.

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Kannur-Alappuzha Executive express (16308) will be depart late by 2 hours on November 20. The train will depart from Kannur at 7 am and not its usual time 5 am. Ernakulam-Kannur express (16305) will be late 1 and half hour. Train will depart at 8.15 am and not at its usual time of 6.45 am on November 20.

Coimbatore- Mangalore fast passenger (22610) will be depart from Coimbatore at 8.40am and not at tis usual time of 6.40 am on November 23. Train no.56323 Coimbatore- Mangalore central train will be depart at 9 am and not at its usual time of 7.30 am on November 23. Train no.16606 nagercoil-Mangalore Ernad express will be late by 1 hour.


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