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“Stop growth of Hindutva in Bengal” : Asaduddin Owaisi to Mamata Banerjee

AIMIM chief Asaduddin Owaisi accused Mamata Banerjee of trying to ‘appease the majority’ and told her ‘to do her job’.

“Mamata Banerjee may’ve pressures to appeal to majoritarianism these days & that’s why this fixation on me. BUT please do your job & fight the brazen growth of Hindutva in Bengal. False equivalence between mobs & those resisting them, isn’t helping anyone,” he said in a tweet on Friday.

The latest attack from Owaisi comes amid his war of words with Mamata Banerjee. On Tuesday, Mamata Banerjee had claimed that the leaders visiting the state from Hyderabad with money bags and claiming to be sympathisers of Muslims were the “biggest allies and agents” of the BJP.

“Don’t trust leaders who come from outisde and try to present themselves as your (Muslim’s) sympathisers. Only leaders from Bengal can fight for your cause. Those who are visiting from Hyderabad with money bags and are claiming to be sympathisers of Muslims are the biggest allies of BJP,” she said.


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