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This 10 ‘desi foods’ which we love are actually not ‘Indian’

Indians loves food. And our cuisine is so vast and diverse as our country. Our traditional ‘Desi’ foods is one of the most popular food in the world.

But it will be astonished to know that some of the food items that are very popular in India and considered to be ‘Desi or Indian’ are not actually Indian.

Hers are 10 food items that we consider to be ‘Indian’ and actually didn’t originate in India.


This the most popular snack item is not originated in India. . Samosas actually originated in the Middle East. The name come from the Persian word ‘Sansbosag’.  It was filled with meats, nuts and spices. It was first made in 10th century. Traders from middle east bring it to India.

2.Gulab Jamun

Gulab Jamun originated in the Mediterranean and Persia. And is made up of dough balls deep fried and soaked in honey syrup and sprinkled with sugar.  They were called ‘Lokma’ or ‘Luqmat-al-qadi’.


This heavenly sweet is also the gift of Persia and Arab. Jilebi originated in the Middle East. It was called Zabiya in Arabic and or the Zalibiya in Persian.Countries like Greece and Turkey has their own version of the sweet. Muslim traders from the Middle East brought this to India.


Tea actually came from Britain.  Tea was originated in China. Chinese used it as a medicinal drink. It is the British who started cultivating tea in India to end the monopoly of China.


. Naan originated in Iran and Persia. Later, it was popularised in India by the Mughals. Our cuisine is really a mixture of food from all over Asia.


Biriyani  was born in Turkey, and during the Mughal period took the form of biryani in India.


Rajma is quite known as the staple diet of Indians. However. Rajma which is a popular Punjabi dish born in Central Mexico and Guatemala. The initial preparation of soaking and boiling beans and adding spices are adapted from Mexican recipes.

8.Chicken Tikka Masala

Chicken tikka, which is considered as the ‘King’ of chicken dishes  is also not India. It was first prepared by a chef in Glasgow, UK, after the customer complained about dry chicken.


The spicy meat curry   popular in Goa  is not Indian. This dish has born in Portugal.  Vindaloo is a popular Portuguese dish.


The most popular South-Indian dish which is considered as a best breakfast item is not of Indian origin. This is a Indonesian dish. The  cuisine from Indonesia  came to India through  Arabs.



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