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Man orders pizza through online, loses Rs 95,000

A Bengaluru-based man fell prey to a phishing scam and lost Rs 95,000 after ordering a pizza from popular food delivery service Zomato. The fateful incident took place on December 1.It is suggested that a man named N.V. Sheikh from Koramangala, Bengaluru ordered pizza from Zomato. Upon waiting for an hour, Sheikh looked up for the food delivery service’s customer care number and called to inquire about the order.

Following this, he was told that the eating places associated with Zomato weren’t accepting orders and a refund will soon be initiated. Once the conversation ended, the man was sent a link on his number, clicking on which would have refunded him his pizza money.

However, instead, he got duped and had to lose Rs 95,000 from his bank account. This is a simple case of phishing wherein the hackers got access to Sheikh’s bank account details after he clicked on the sent link.

After the fiasco, N.V. Sheikh filed an FIR with the Madiwala Police and the case is still being investigated.After hearing about the case, a spokesperson from Zomato cleared that the service doesn’t have a customer care number and takes all communications via chat or email. The spokesperson asks people to stay alert and avoid sharing personal details with unknowns.


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