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“Anti-Dalits are opposing the CAA’ says J.P.Nadda

BJP national working president J.P.Nadda claimed that those opposing the Citizenship Amendment Act were anti-Dalits. Dalits will be the most benefited community from CAA. J.P.Nadda claimed that Prime Minister Narendra Modi is the “biggest protector” of the Dalit community.He asked to expose the Dalit leaders who oppose the law.

“Our opponents first opposed the Citizenship Amendment Bill in Parliament and are now they are opposing the other way. The public is being misled. When India’s partition had happened, Congress was behind it and religion was the basis of that partition. Few Hindus went there and Muslims came here,” added Nadda .

“Nehru had signed a pact that India will take care of their people living here and they will take care of our people and minorities will be protected.India being a secular country kept its word while Pakistan declared itself an Islamic country and East Pakistan became Bangladesh. With CAA we just want that our Hindu, Sikh, Christian and other brothers, who have been tortured or not treated well, are welcomed home and are able to become part of their own country,” he added.

The amended CAA has done “justice” to the people who were exploited and deprived of their rights in these countries. It has acted as a balm on festering wounds left behind by the Congress, said Nadda. “Those who are opposing it are anti-Dalits. We should understand,” said he.


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