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Congress Leader RajMohan Unnithan Compares P.M Modi to Adolf Hitler. Sreejith Panickar Gives a Mouth Shutting Reply

A lot has been going around regarding the implementation of CAB and NRC lately. Despite frequent calls from the ruling party to the opposition to conclusively prove how CAB and NRC can affect an Indian citizen, most leaders have chosen not to address the question, but rather resort to name-calling and rhetoric. Congress leader and Kasargode M.P Rajmohan Unnithan, known for his eloquence, happily fell back on the most favourite analogy of anti-BJP parties, to compare P.M Modi with Adolf Hitler.

Mr Unnithan had said that Narendra Modi’s action is similar to that of Nazi leader Adolf Hitler and that the Indian Prime Minister is building nationwide detention centres. He wondered if Indian P.M is going to replicate the actions of Hitler- building gas chambers and killing people. While BJP has largely been silent on the statement, right-wing political analyst Sreejith Panickar chose to respond to the attack on P.M Modi and while doing so, Mr Panickar has dug up one of the toughest episodes of Unnithan’s career.

It was a few years before that Rajmohan Unnithan was arrested for allegedly having an illicit relationship with a woman. The locals had managed to catch Mr Unnithan along with a woman and the events that ensued did not do any good to Mr Unnithan’s political career. Sreejith Panickar touched on the same issue, to give a reply to the personal assault of Rajmohan Unnithan on Narendra Modi.

“Rajmohan Unnithan says Narendra Modi’s actions are similar to Adolf Hitler’s. Hitler had killed Jews in gas chambers, before transferring them from detention centres to concentration camps.

He is right. I have heard that Hitler first killed a jew who was stripped in a public place, who had to lose the religious symbol on his forehead and who was caught in a sleazy case. Everyone should be careful” he wrote on Facebook (English translation, for the original post, see below)

The latter part of Mr Panickar’s Facebook post was an obvious reference to Mr Unnithan’s shady past involving the very same case with the woman. Although it can be argued that the right-wing analyst went personal against the senior Congress leader, Mr Unnithan’s attack was not anything less.


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