Courage of Deepika should be lauded, says Naseeruddin Shah: See video here

In a recent interview with The Wire’s Sidharth Bhatia, actor Naseeruddin Shah spoke on a variety of issues, including Bollywood’s stand on the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) and whether art has progressed over the years.

Sharing his two cents on film personalities who have been taking a stand against CAA, Naseeruddin said, “These people have more courage and less to lose. But it’s understandable why the established figures of the industry don’t speak up. However, one wonders how much do they have to lose? Will it kill you? You have to laud the courage of a girl like Deepika (Padukone), who is at the top and yet takes a step like this.”

Naseeruddin Shah discussed the nature of ‘patriotic movies’ that the film industry has been churning out for a while now.

“Film industries have always pandered to those in power. I really wonder how much conviction there is in these filmmakers who are helping rewrite history,” the actor said.

Further, Naseeruddin Shah compared the kind of movies made in the 70s and the kind of films that are being produced today.

“Films like Masaan, Gully Boy or what Anurag (Kashyap) keeps making would not have happened if the 70s directors would not have paved the path for the younger makers working today. Craft wise, the inexpensive movies made today are far superior than the ones we made in the 70s. I really envy these actors. I wish I was that good when I was their age. Politically though, (movies like) Albert Pinto haven’t had a follow-up generation. However, the protests against the Citizenship Amendment Act has united all the free-thinking people of the nation and certainly great art will emerge from that,” Naseeruddin stated.


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