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“CAA is dividing country; tear and throw it away”, says BJP MLA

The country is witnessing protests against the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) and National Register of Citizens (NRC). And the BJP is defending the Act and are carrying massive campaigns.

Meanwhile giving shock to BJP, a MLA of the party has come criticizing the CAA. Narayan Tripathi, BJP MLA from Madhya Pradesh has asked to tear and throw away CAA as it divides the country.

“There is civil war like situation in every street, which is fatal for our country. We cannot imagine development in civil-war like situation. I opposed CAA, when I become aware of such situation. not only in my constituency maihar, but similar situation prevails in other places, said Tripathi.

” We should either run the country according to the constitution or the BJP should come up with one of its own and tear and throw away B.R.Ambedkar’s constitution which says all the people irrespective of religion will live together”, he added. ” The country can not be divided on the basis of religion, said Tripathi.

He also opposed NRC. ” When villagers struggle to get a ration card, how will they be able to prove their citizenship? BJP talk of unity and integrity but inflame passions”, said the BJP MLA.

Tripathi has earlier goen against BJP line by voting in favour of the Congress government on Criminal Law Amendment Bill.

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