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Mother,3 children lost in dense Columbian wilds rescued after 34 days

A single mother and her 3 children who were holidaying in Columbia were rescued after they were lost in the dense wild for 34 days. They were soon taken to hospital as they were in a debilitating condition caused due to a lack of proper food. They survived in the wild eating berries and drinking spring water for over a month.

The mother on her 40’s climbed the trees and pulled her kids aged 14,12 and 10 and slept on its branches to avoid getting attacked by Jaguars and other wild animals abundant in these jungles. They were stranded near the forest in the bordering region of Colombia and Peru. Another hiking team who was with the mother and kids for a short session noticed their absence on return and informed the Columbian authorities. The rescue team was formed and they spotted the Mother with her kids near the banks of Putumayo river in the Columbia-Peru border.

The family straying along the banks of Putumayo river crossed over to Peru and met the Sekaya Tribe members. After this Peru Naval officials passed over the information to Columbian rescuers who reached out to help the family.


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