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Subhash Batham killed in police raid,hostages released

After a long 8 hours of tense situation, a group of children who were held hostage by an aristocratic villager were released in a police raid. Subhash Batham the assailant was shot dead in the operation. The 23 children were given preliminary medical treatment and handed over to their parents. Subhash Batham’s 8-year-old daughter was handed over in protective custody of a villager.

The situation was tense in Faruqabad, UP when Subhash Batham cunningly invited children for his daughter Guddu’s 8 birthday. As soon as they entered Subhash’s home he locked them up in his godown and climbed up the terrace asking villagers to full fill his demands. He demanded to hand over the two villagers who gave witness reports against him in a 2001 murder case of which he was the prime suspect. One of the villagers who headed the reconciliation talks was badly injured when he opened fire with his pistol. Two police officers were injured when he hurled a grenade at the team. With this assaults top police team including DM and SP held back and waited outside Subhash’s locked out home.

The crisis took a breakpoint when one of Subhash’s friends intervened and smooth-talked him to release a 6-month-old infant. With these the freaked out villagers ran to collect stones and hammers to breach the huge gate for releasing their children. Soon afterward, the gate fell and the police swat team stormed the house and Subhash started firing at them. Three of the police officers were hurt in firing and in retaliatory firing, Subhash Batham got fatally wounded and died on the spot. The police team headed by IG Mohit Agrawal saved Subhash’s wife from the angry mob and moved her to CHC. The deceased daughter Guddu is now in the protective custody of a villager. The crisis ended at around 4 AM Friday.

Subhash Batham was a walking terror to the villagers and is the prime suspect in the murder of a villager in 2001. He used his influence to prolong the case and was out in bail. In a recent hearing, two villagers dared to give witness reports against him in the court which initiated the situation.


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