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Tiger snake coils and heinously stings several times downing a man in minutes

Tiger snake or the Whiplash snakes are dreaded for their unpredictable volatile nature and vengeful attacks. Besides the snake delivers a venom volume only a few snakes like King cobra can stand beyond the mark.

A Tasmanian man, aged 79 knew for the last time how vengeful the snake is in its attack. While herding the sheep he faced a Tiger snake which in a fraction of a second coiled itself on to his right hand and whipped on to his left leg. At least five to six bites were delivered at the moment to drop the poor man to the ground. Unlike the Indian cobra, the black tiger snakes are known to have less dry bites, which essentially means their bites are more effective.

His brother standing close was even slow to reach out to the moment and saw the snake still coiled to his brother’s hand trapped in his weight. He somehow managed to release the snake and called for medical help. But there was “no antivenom at the hospital in Oatlands,” according to the brother. An air ambulance was called to reach mainland Australia, but the man died at Royal Hobart Hospital. The brother described the incident as ‘IT’S SOMETHING YOU SEE ONLY IN A HORROR MOVIE’

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