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Video showing how PMs message was interpreted in rural India goes viral

India is a land of folklore, traditions and rich culture. On the flip side, it also has deep-rooted superstitions which often disguises as pseudosciences to its followers.

Ancient India had a tradition in which drums and pots where banged to ward of ‘Moodevi’, an evil spirit believed to bring epidemics and misfortune in feudal states. The ritual of clattering was also done in the 1974 Smallpox epidemic in India.

The clap of thanks idea of Indian PM to honor the restless efforts of medical staff even risking their lives to curb the spread of Covid was interpreted in varied ways by Indians. Video of men and women gathering to form solidarity against the virus was viewed with shock all over the world.PM Narendra Modi had requested all to clap within the confinement of home. But his words in rural India had a totally different dimension.

Meanwhile a short video clip of people trying to ward off evil spirits has also surfaced in the net.

People marching  clattering pots and bells to kill Coronavirus


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