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Yogi Adityanath calls Tablighi Jamaat members “enemies of humanity”

Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath has called the Tablighi Jamaat “enemies of humanity”. The UP Cm has called them this after they misbehaved with the medical staff in  a hospital. The UP Cm also has ordered to impose National Security Act against six from the Tablighi Jamaat, for their alleged misbehavior with the hospital staff.

“They  will not obey the law. Neither they will accept the system as they are the enemies of humanity. What they have done to women health workers is a heinous crime, they are being slapped with the NSA. We will not spare them, ” said Adityanath.

“An incident like Indore wherein the doctors were attacked should not be seen anywhere in the state, for this, we will take whatever action is required by law,” he added.

Earlier on Thursday,  six  Tablighi Jamaat members  who were in quarantine at MMG District Hospital made problem by  walking nude around the ward and making obscene gestures towards the nurses.They have now been transferred to Raj Kumar Goel Institute of Technology and kept under quarantine.


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